Pregnancy Breast Care

Self Help Guide For Pregnancy Breast Care

Giving birth to a baby is the most cherished moment of a woman’s life. But during this ‘Cherished’ phase, women tend to face many problems including a backache, bleeding gums, constipations and many more. Itchy nipples being one of them and the worst of them. Women usually ignore the importance of the breast care regime, because they think they have too many other important things to do in their life or because they are too lazy to do anything for themselves. However, many of the women are still unaware of the fact that proper breast care should be done to ensure proper milk production. Plus, it also maintains a proper breast shape even after delivery. It is reported that weight of each breast is increased 1.5 times after delivering a baby.

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For proper breastfeeding, you need to ensure that you are paying the much-needed attention to your personal health and hygiene. You need to strictly adhere to the hygiene practices. So here’s a self-help guide for all those women who are soon going to be moms for the first time in their life.

Changes in Breasts during Pregnancy

While your whole body is transforming in some or the other form, it gets obvious for your breasts to undergo some substantial changes too. You need worry about those changes. They mean no harm. Here are few changes that you’re needed to be prepared for when you’re expecting.

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  •  The skin around the nipples might get cracked or swollen.
  •  The color of the nipples tends to get darker in the shade and they might appear swollen as well.
  •  You can also see the formation of pus in the nipples. Don’t panic. Just pay a visit to your gynecologist. Ensure proper hygiene during this phase of your pregnancy.

Tips to Take Care of Your Breasts during Pregnancy

So you’re soon going to be a mom or you’ve just delivered a baby? And you want to know how to take care of your breast during this crucial time. We can offer you some help. You need to take proper care of your offspring as well as your own body throughout the pregnancy. Here are some tips that you need to follow to maintain proper health and hygiene so that you can foster your newborn with the much-needed care as well.

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Hygienic Practice

Here are some of the hygiene habits that you need to adopt and you should consider these very seriously during your pregnancy.

  •  Wash your nipples with lukewarm water. A thick viscous fluid start to come off your nipple at the fifth month of your pregnancy. It looks like a crust and the skin surrounding it gets red. However, this reddening effect can be avoided by maintaining a proper hygiene of your nipples. Avoid rubbing your nipples with an abrasive cloth. Gently wipe them with a cotton cloth instead.
  •  Do not at any cost make use of conventional soaps to clean your nipples. It might cause dryness and sometimes irritates the skin too. Apply some sesame oil or olive oil to keep your nipple soft and supple.
  •  Perform this little exercise while having a bath. Pull your nipples outwards using thumb and the forefinger. But be careful about not being hard on them. Do not use nails on them. This will clear the way for milk production after childbirth.
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  •  Gently massage your breast while having a bath, using olive oil and water. Rub them in the clockwise and the anticlockwise direction one by one. Gentle massage ensures proper circulation of blood in the breasts.
  •  Do not give up wearing a bra. Always wear a bra to offer the much-needed support to your breast. But this doesn’t mean that you start wearing an extra tight bra to support them. Don’t exert too much pressure on them. Refrain from wearing underwire bra as it hampers the normal production of milk.
  •  The best option is to go for maternity bra that is easily available in the market. After hitting your 34th week, you can look for a good maternity bra for yourself. Another plus point of these bras is that they come with a zipper opening under each of the cup. It enables you to make breastfeeding easier and comfortable.

Emotional Care and Diet:

Let us conclude the discussion about the hygiene routine. Now you need to know about the step you need to take care about during pregnancy.

  •  You must refrain from taking unnecessary stress during the pregnancy and the lactation period. Too much stress and emotion turbulence hamper the normal production and secretion of milk.
  •  You must ensure that you take a balanced diet which is rich in iron and protein. Iron capsules can also be taken to maintain the level of iron in your body. Also, eat good amounts of fruits and green leafy vegetables to ensure the right amount of water in your body.
  •  Due to hormonal changes, you might experience tender and sensitive breasts. IT is the time when the milk-producing ducts start to develop and are stretched to cater milk. This makes your breasts heavy and ultra-sensitive.
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Precautions to Be taken

You won’t like any discomfort to ruin your cherished moments, so make sure you strictly adhere to all the precautionary measures. Here are the steps you need to take.

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  •  Make a habit to wash your breasts using lukewarm water daily.
  •  Before going to bed, make it a ritual to closely examine any changes in your breasts.
  •  On noticing any changes or discomforts in your breast, openly discuss it with your healthcare expert. And as early as possible. Don’t ignore any discomfort in your breast.
  •  Keep your breasts dry. Don’t keep them damp as it cause infection and cracks in the nipples.

So, Mommies! You need to change your conventional lifestyle a bit and take some time out of your busy schedule, for proper pregnancy breast care. The efforts you’re going to take today will lead to a happy baby and a successful mom. So go on and take a proper care of your breasts. Happy motherhood!

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