How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally

How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally

Large breasts are always considered as one of the most attractive features of a woman’s body that add glittering stars in their beautiful personality. But, oversized or too much large breast will make them feel anxious and became the reason of embarrassment. The extremely large breasts are also responsible for causing various health complications such as neck pain, back aches, short breath, numbness of fingers and many more. As, a woman, I understand how it feels when you are not able to wear your favorite dresses due to heavy boobs and it really feels very bad when everyone is looking at you just because of this reason.

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In this article, I gather some natural remedies and ways that help you to get rid of your heavy breasts without going through that expensive and rigors breast reduction surgery.

Causes of Large Breast Size

Before, I start with the remedies to get saggy and firm breast, first you must know about the various causes that are responsible for the problem of large boobs. Knowing the actual fact of heavy breast size will help you to solve your problem in a better way.

•Drug side effects
•Hormonal changes

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Natural remedies that helps in reducing your large breast size

1.Change Your Eating Habits

Adipose or fatty tissues are mainly responsible for increasing fat in the breast. Therefore, it is important to manage your diet that helps in curbing your excess weight and automatically reduces your large breast size. Some of the healthy eating habit that you should include in your diet are–:

•Consume food that comprises of low fat and less calories
•Eat lots of fruits, which has antioxidants and play significant role in eliminating excess fat and keep you healthy and fit.
•Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. possesses essential nutrients and antioxidants that are highly beneficial in losing your weight as well as breast size.
• Include protein rich food in your diet like fish, salmon, etc. as it helps in toned your muscles and body.
•Eating nuts like almond, walnut, etc. is a good option to improve your metabolism system as well as beneficial in weight management.

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2.Regular Exercises For Breast Reduction

Regular exercise is a most important activity that not only beneficial to keep you healthy and fit but also work well in minimizing your boob size.
a.Cardio exercises: – These exercises include
• Running

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b.Aerobic Exercise
Apart from cardiovascular training, there are certain exercises that helps in toning your pectoral muscles which exist under your breast. That exercises include:-

•Bench Press:
•Peck Deck fly’s

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3.Home Remedies For Reducing Your Larger Breast

Now, here I am discussing the natural home remedies that you can easily adopt in your home to minimize your big size breast.

Ginger is better in term of treating various health ailments such as sore throat, cough and cold. Moreover, it has proven fruitful results in enhancing slow metabolic rate of the body and losing weight by burning excess fat. You can drink ginger tea 2 to 3 times in a day to get effective results in reducing your breast size through natural way.

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•Green Tea
Green tea is another beneficial remedy that offer productive results in breast reduction. It has sufficient amount of catechins that promotes weight loss as well as decreases your body fat by burning excess calories. Moreover, due to the antioxidant properties, it reduces the chances of breast cancer too.

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Guaran is an herb which is extensively used by the South American Women after lactation to regain their normal breast size. It is a main ingredient used in various breast reduction pills, but it can be consumed in a raw form too. The Guaran has adequate amount of caffeine and tannins that increases your metabolic rate and bring great results in reducing your adipose tissues which is found in breast.

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•Neem and Turmeric
Neem and turmeric are the famous remedies in the book of Ayurveda for breast reduction. Due to the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, these herbs are useful to get rid of inflammation, which have been caused by the infections or breast feeding. Boil neem leaves in water, strain the water and add turmeric & honey in it. Drink this solution for a few months. It will help in losing fat and large breast size.

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•Egg and Onion
Egg is not only good for providing beautifying skin but also make your breast tighter and firmer which ultimately results in breast reduction. For this, you just need to beat the white part of egg with cream. Apply it on your breast and leave it for 30 minutes. After that wash it off with onion water solutions that you can easily make by adding onion juice in water.

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4.Smart Selection of Clothes

The above breast reduction remedies are useful, but it takes some time to offer desire results. Therefore, in this scenario, your dressing sense will really help you in hiding your big breast size. Below I am suggesting some types of clothes that you can wear to moving away the attention of onlookers from your heavy breast.

•Color: – Choose bright, colorful attires that make your breast look smaller and compact. On the other hand, light color clothes look loud and enhances your breast area which you never like.

•Neckline: – instead of wearing plunging neckline clothes that augment your breast size, choose V-neck, front wrap neck, sweethearts, etc. clothes which are helpful in hiding your big size boobs. Even, square shape shrugs and scoop necks also give you a smart look and remove your uniboob appearance.

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•Bras: – wear right set of minimizing bras that really helps you give a small and compact boob size look.

•Pattern: – Do you know that horizontal pattern not only make your breast size look huge as well as create widen the effect for your whole body? Yes! It’s true, therefore, avoid wearing horizontal and big size floral pattern clothes that make your top area look wider and heavier. Even, do not wear too much tight fitted clothes as it also emphasize your breast area.

•Dresses: – It is good to wear fall and wrap dresses that make you look slim and thin. Try to wear fitted top that enhance your attractive and slimmer waistline. Here, I am talking about fitting top not too much tight or uncomfortable one. Say no to shirts which are low cut instead of it use this one that has flared at the bottom.

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I hope the above suggestions will surely helpful for you all. We warmly welcome you to share your feedback with us. 🙂

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