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Women are always conscious about their appearance, body figure and appealing personality. Breasts are one of the most important parts of the female body that signify the natural femininity in women. The firmer and bigger breasts not only enhances the female femininity, but also makes them look beautiful with charming figure. But, unfortunately some women are not happy with their breast size or some experiences like loss of shape and firmness due to their growing age or after pregnancy. Apart from it, other reasons like fat, lack of vitamin, unhealthy diet, stress, genetics and hormonal imbalance are also responsible for determining breast size.

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If you are also one of those who is in quest of boob enhancing methods, then you have a variety of options for it such as breast enhancement creams, breast enhancement massage, surgeries and many more. But, before you go for any of the breast enhancement options, you should know about all the details so that you can take a right decision. In this article, I have described various breast augmentation techniques and methods that help you in choosing the right one and offer exactly what you are looking for. Scroll down to check out…

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1. Surgical method for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is a new invention of medical science that comes as a boon for the women. There are various reasons due which breast enlargement surgery is extensively used on women like females recovering from mastectomy, breast cancer or who are willing to change their appearance. There are different types of breast implants that includes

• Saline breast implants
• Gummy bear breast implants
• Silicone breast implants
• Textured breast implants
• Smooth breast implants
• Round breast implants

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Pros of Breast Enhancement Surgeries

• As mentioned above, it has proven beneficial results in case of dealing with breast cancer and mastectomy.
• If you have a flat chest or want bigger and firmer breasts, then you can go for breast implant to get natural looking cup size.
• This method offers instant results

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Cons of Breast Enhancement Surgery
• Scarring
• Infection
• Anesthesia
• Rupture
• Loss of sensation

2. Natural Methods to Enhance Breast Size

Apart from surgical method, there is another option of enhancing breast through natural way which is safe and effective too. Women who don’t want to go for medical surgeries can adopt these natural methods to improve their physical appearance.

• Pop up Breast Enhancement Pills
It’s one of the most effective solutions to enhance the breast size through natural ways. Pills or supplements are made by the natural herbs or plants that works well in stimulating the breast tissues and enhances the size of boobs. Also, it contains minerals and vitamins that augment the estrogen level in the body and increase breast size. These breast enhancement pills are available in the form of capsules so that you can buy it as per your preference. Always choose high quality FDA approved supplements that offers effective results in breast enlargement and are safe to use.

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• Use of Breast Enhancement Creams
There are a number of breast enhancement creams are available in the market which claims for effective results, but all the products are not worth it. These products comprises of such components that helps in encouraging the growth of breast tissues and make them firmer and denser. Before starting to use any type of breast enlargement creams, it is always good to check out its reviews.

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• Regular Breast Enhancement Massage
Yeah! Breast massage has revealed significant results in improving the saggy boobs into firm and heavy ones. Regular massage stimulates the blood circulation in the chest area and encourage the production of prolactin hormone which is responsible for augmenting the boob size naturally. You can use natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, etc. which are considered apt for enhancing breast size.

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• Selection of Right Bra
Wearing a right bra is another important factor that helps you to make your breast look bigger and firmer. The specialized bras like push-ups are designed in such a way that pushes your boobs to upward side and makes them look bigger and dense.

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• Pumps for Breast Enhancement
If you are not comfortable with popping pills or doing exercise, then breast enlargement pump is a perfect choice for you. These pumps work through the process of tissue expansion in which general suction is used to promote the blood circulation that encourages tissue growth in the breast. In this process, the skin and tissues get stretched and stimulates the production of new mammary gland tissues that increase your cup size.

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• Exercises
Regular workout helps in developing your breast by building pectoral muscles and enhancing fatty tissues in the boobs. By doing some specific breast enhancing exercises such as Pushups, Chest dip, dumbbell fly’s, weight lifting, etc. you can build your chest muscles and enhance the size of your compact and saggy boobs.

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• Herbs for Increasing Cup Size
Since ancient times, herbs have been used for curing various health conditions; and making your breast size bigger is one of them. These herbs are available in pills and capsules designed for breast enhancement.

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a. Fenugreek: – It encourages the growth of prolactin hormones that boost your breast size.
b. Fennel Seeds: – The fennel seeds have flavonoids, which possess estrogenic properties. It is useful for increasing breast tissues in women and offer effective results.
c. Saw palmetto: – It is enriched with certain type of enzymes that offer positive results and as a result, make your boob’s size bigger.

• Breast Enhancement Diet

Add booby friendly food items in your diet, which offers effective results to speed up the growth of your breast size. Include nutritious food like Seafood, nuts, milk, meat, leafy green veggies, fruits, etc. in your diet that comprises of all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins helping you in producing hormones responsible for the breast augmentation.

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Why Natural Breast Enhancement Methods Are Beneficial?

Below are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by trying natural breast enlargement methods.

• Safe
It’s a natural and safe method which helps in enhancing your boob’s size without any side effects. These methods are completely safe and promote natural growth of boob size as well as make it firmer.

• Healthy
The natural herbs not only helps in enhancing the size your breasts but also provide immense relief in indigestion problem and other benefits like keeping you energetic, reduce mood swings, etc.

• No pain
If you go for breast enhancement surgery, then you must not ignore its dangerous side effects like infection, cancer and many more. But, natural method of breast enchantment is painless and offer effective results without negative effects.

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• Cost effective
You don’t need to spend too much money with natural breast enhancement methods. These methods are affordable as compared to expensive breast augment surgeries.

• Result oriented
The natural breast enhancement methods has discovered effective results in augmenting women breast and also make them firmer as well as denser.
• Different forms
You can choose any comfortable and effective natural methods like pumps, creams, exercise, supplements or herbs to augment your breast size. All these methods can be done easily at home.

After reading this article, I hope you get some idea about surgical and natural methods for breast enlargement. These above mentioned methods which works differently on different people. Therefore, before you decide for any method it advisable to consult a physician.

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